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Young and Multicultural Team

We are a company in the process of expansion with presence in several countries. Our team is formed by young professionals of more than 6 different nationalities. Our philosophy is to bring growth opportunities to our people before offering them to third parties.

Global Growth and Featured Customers

Our client portfolio consists of large companies and those which are growing steadily. Our expansion plans include the opening of new markets such as Anglo-Saxon countries and in the LATAM.

Experience Leadership and IT Expertise

Our organisation is formed by professionals with an extensive experience in the international IT sector. We know where we are going, how we will do it and why we are doing it.

What do we offer?

At FacTech, we value our employees and focus on providing them with exceptional opportunities for professional growth. In addition to a competitive salary, we offer a positive and productive work environment that fosters collaboration and personal development. These distinctive characteristics allow us to attract and retain the best talent in the technology market.

Basically, we offer:

An attractive salary and benefits

Competitive salary and labour benefits based on experience and value compared to other companies in the sector.

Well-being and health for our employees

Private health insurance and internal initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees.

Challenging and cutting-edge opportunities

You will work on challenging international projects and in leading companies so that you can develop your skills further.

Good work-life balance

We offer you the possibility to work remotely to optimise your time and reconcile with your personal life.

A positive environment and smooth communication

We promote a good working environment and integration with the entire organisation by means of constant communication and the creation of recreational groups such as an internal e-sport league.

Professional Development

Training and development opportunities identifying your needs and providing you access to training tools.

Explore the world with us

Explore the possibility of working abroad with all the support you need. If you find challenge appealing, we take care of everything.

Our current partners state it clearly

Working at FacTech is facing a challenge every day, growing with clear objectives. We constantly set ourselves innovative and ambitious goals.

José Alejandro Manaure

FacTech provides us with an environment driven to boost our personal and professional development. I recommend you immerse yourself in these company where flexibility and the possibility of working from anywhere become our best tools to achieve success and balance on a day-to-day basis.

María León

At FacTech, I discovered a work environment where passion and service converge in every project. Here, I have the opportunity to explore new technological frontiers on a regular basis.

Dervins Guapes

Boost your professional and personal growth.

At FacTech, we believe in your professional and personal growth. We provide you with opportunities for ongoing learning, skill development and the possibility of achieving your goals and aspirations.

Working with us will allow you to increase your knowledge, face new challenges and reach your full potential.